Pam Pam Jazz #1: Bluebird (EN)

Bluebird is the first track on the Pam Pam Jazz # 1. Created in homage to saxophonist Charlie Parker, this piece was premiered by the Quarteto Gordon* at the Museum of the Academy of Fine Arts, in Perugia - Italy, during Umbria Jazz Festival 2019.

* Quarteto Gordon is an Italian-Brazilian vocal group specially dedicated to the early childhood. Created in 2011, the group is formed by Aline Romeiro and Wlad Mattos (BRA), Arnolfo Borsacchi and Pier Elisa Campus (ITA).


• Composition / Arrangement: Wlad Mattos
• Direction / Production: Wlad Mattos and Arnolfo Borsacchi


This track was recorded at Pro-Studio (São Paulo - Brazil) in August 2019.

Pam Pam Jazz #1: Bluebird (EN)

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