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Pam Pam 2: Tribute to Edwin E. Gordon
  • Second album in the Pam Pam series, created by musicians-educators from Quarteto Gordon*.

    Inspired by the Music Learning Theory by Edwin E. Gordon (USA, 1924-2015), the Pam Pam series aims to stimulate children's listening and musical expression by offering new resources for parents, caregivers and educators interested in promoting the development of musical learning for their children and students.

    “Pam Pam 2 - Homage to Edwin E. Gordon” features original arrangements for a selection of songs and chants composed by the creator of Music Learning Theory, as reference material for educators. Two songs created by Quarteto Gordon members specially for this album, complete the tribute: "Gordonando" (by Arnolfo Borsacchi) and "Chorinho pro Gordon" (by Wlad Mattos).

    As in "Pam Pam 1", the songs and chants were performed always a capella and using neutral syllables (without words). Each song starts with a short melodic or rhythmic line performed by just one voice. After a brief space of silence, that initial line repeats two or three times improved by the other vocal parts.

    The album insert contains essential information on the theoretical and creative bases of the works carried out by Quarteto Gordon. It contains also a set of suggestions for parents, caregivers and educators on how to use shared listening as a powerful resource for musical learning and enjoyment.

    * Quarteto Gordon is an Italian-Brazilian vocal group specially dedicated to the early childhood. Created in 2011, the group is formed by Aline Romeiro and Wlad Mattos (BRA), Arnolfo Borsacchi and Pier Elisa Campus (ITA).

    Songs: Pam Pam 2 - Homage to Edwin E. Gordon

    01. Fishing
    02. Unexpected
    03. Baton Twirler
    04. Stop, Look and Listen
    05. Please
    06. Confusion
    07. Walking Dogs
    08. Warm Evening
    09. Anticipation
    10. Cold Morning
    11. Moon chant
    12. Skating
    13. The Typewriter
    14. Gordonando (Arnolfo Borsacchi)
    15. Determination
    16. Sweet Wave
    17. Children's Game
    18. Blinking Lights
    19. Chorinho pro Gordon (Wlad Mattos)
    20. The Goodbye Song

    All tracks contain recordings of original arrangements by Quarteto Gordon for selected songs and chants composed by Edwin E. Gordon, except "Gordonando" (by Arnolfo Borsacchi) and "Chorinho pro Gordon" (by Wlad Mattos).

    Pam Pam 2: Tribute to Edwin E. Gordon

    • Digital product (download)

      When making the purchase, you will receive a link to download a .zip file containing: the digital version of the album in MP3 (standard quality) and FLAC (superior quality) formats, the images of the cover, back cover and insert of the physical album.

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